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The Best Way To Get A Mens Facial And Skin Treatment

do Men's Facial

The Best Way To Get a Mens Facial Treatment

Mens facial are developed according to the unique requirements of the men’s skin.
As we all know, like the other parts of the body, men’s skin is always different by the women’s skin. Men’s skin is round about 25% thicker than women’s skin. This is just because of the different factors. No 1… The androgenic hormones ( a hormone that controls and develop the male characteristics of the human body).No 2…Sebum substance, Sebaceous glands produce the sebum substances. Its main function is to provide moisture to the hair and skin. No 3…Alongside the other factors, the important element is collagen. collagen is a protein based extracellular space in connective tissues of human bodies). In men’s body tissues collagen level is higher than women. It is the cause of skin density and thickness in men’s body.  Collagen is also the major element of skin aging.

Men's Facial

Why Men’s Need To Facial

Mostly men’s have to work in the open area, therefore they face the dust and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. they
commonly not use sunscreen lotions. shaving is a different story. Regular shave damage the skin. Razor bumps and skin irritation is the common problem in men’s. Most people use bars instead of liquid cleansers. Bars make skin tight and hard. Therefore blackheads, acne, dullness, razor burn and skin redness are the general issues in men’s. that’s why Mens facial is very important for healthy glowing skin.

Acne Facial

Acne Facial

Acne facial or deep cleansing treatment usually recommended to dealing with pimples, spots and for irritated.
Skin. men’s and women’s can equally get the benefits by acne facial. For the facial treatment, you can go to the spa, where full of minerals spring water is used for deep cleansing, aimed to deep pore cleansing. the second option that you can avail is the dermatologist. for acne treatment, Mostly thorough steaming, (facial extractions to clear away the pore clogging) deep cleansing, and the variety of healing masks are practiced. To control the acne breakouts usually, antibacterial compounds are used. for the treatment of acne flare- ups, salicylic and glycolic acid based solution are highly recommended.

Anti Aging Facial

Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-aging facials are specially designed to hide out and slow down the effects of increasing age. It also helps to reduce the wrinkles, and create the glowing effect on the skin. There are a lot of ways for anti-aging treatments. vitamin E, vitamin C, and antioxidants are active vitamins that protect the body and skin from damaging, which is also called free radicals. So collagen cream, vitamin E and C based serums should use in anti-aging facials. There are also a lot of techniques for anti-aging treatment, like light therapy, laser skin service, and microdermabrasion.



Microdermabrasion is the technique that gently removes the thicker and rough outer layer of the skin. Exfoliating crystals are used for the microdermabrasion treatment. This is designed particularly for the age spots and blackheads. It is equally helpful for all the colours and skin types. It also improves the patches of darkened skin and stretch marks. Microdermabrasion thickens the collagen level in skin tissues. Ultimately, skin looks fresh, smooth and younger. this technique is highly preferred for Mens facial.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial means, to spray oxygen molecules and infusion of antibacterial, vitamin C, nutrients and collagen into the skin. In this treatment, a well-designed machine(airbrush gun like) is used that sprays the pressurized oxygen based moisturizers on the skin. In the spray, the oxygen level is round about (90 to 95%).Oxygen spray helps the skin to absorb the serums into skin. Oxygen is naturally antibacterial.it provides refreshing and calming effects on the skin. As a result, skin hydrated and looking smoother and healthy. It also helps to strengthen elasticity of the skin and eradicate the bacteria that cause of acne related issues. Oxygen facial stimulate the collagen growth. This is the best way for immediate results. It can be used for all types of skins. for effective and long lasting results, six spells of treatments, that consist of six to seven weeks is required.

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