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Best And Healthy Physicians Weight Loss Program

Physician Weight Lose

Physicians Weight Loss Program

lose weight

What Causes Obesity

Before to talk about physicians weight loss solution and treatment. I would like to explain the cause of overweight. which is technically called obesity or corpulence. Firstly we inherent our body texture from our parents by genetics. We have seen a lot of people, who remain slim and smart despite their heavy intake of calories and eating habits. So this is a question of genetics first. Which is, we can say, approximately 10 to 20% of the overall picture. But actually, our diet plans and eating habits effect on our body weight. We increase our weight when we eat too much and take heavy calories. But, our metabolism doesn’t burn this energy and calories. Ultimately, we see an excess of body fat. There are a lot of reasons behind the slow process of metabolism. But, lack of physical activities and exercises play important role in slow metabolism. Food especially sweets, chocolates, fast food products, fried food, contain plenty of calories, that actually needs the extra time and metabolism activity to burn these calories.


Weight loss programs

Weight loss programs mean, the way or method you adopt to lose your weight. Any particular or focused weight loss plan can harmful for your body. Just focus on any certain way like medication, exercises or dieting(starving) ultimately cause of mental and body weakness and severe diseases. So you should focus on health as well as fitness. According to physicians, a healthy weight loss plan includes some features. First of all, you don’t need to starve. Must take breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You just need to decrees the calories not quantity. For this include fresh vegetables fruits and salads. It will increase your meal volume and decrease your take off calories. Bring exercises and workout in your routine life. With the 40 minutes jogging of  4 to 5 times a week,  you can reduce your weight at a significant level.


Reduce Starch And Sugar Intake

Starchy food is known as carbs. Which is an abbreviation of carbohydrates. Carbs consist of starch and sugar. Rice, pasta, potatoes and grain like barley are carbohydrates form of foods. Which make one-third of our daily diet. While in the digestion process, starchy foods broke into glucose. Glucose is like a fuel for our body. Carbs take part in muscles and brain nourishment. This is also a massive source of fiber, vitamins, iron and calcium. Starch foods are not, as such, harmful for overweight. But, when we take a heavy intake of starch or mix up with high-fat foods like butter or cream. This can increase your weight. So always take a minimum level of starch and sugar.

Vegi and Fruits

Use of Vegetables And Fruits

As we know, vegetable contains a low level of fats and calories. But, rich in minerals and vitamins. All green vegetables rich in vitamin b complex, vitamin c, vitamin, potassium, and calcium. While oxidants protect our body from stress and cancer. with vegetable and fruits, you can increase your volume of the meal, without taking heavy calories. Broccoli, cabbage, celery, peas, cucumber, and cauliflower are some form of low-calorie vegetables. Which, should be part of your menu.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Most probably you have listened about the paleo diet. this is going popular these days among the health conscious people. Paleo diet is also known as, cavemen diet. As the name shows, paleo diet means the diet or meal of ancient people. First of all,  we should keep in mind, old people used food in their original form, without adding something extra or artificial. But by the passage of time, they turned into recipes. About the pure use of vegetables and fruits, we have discussed above. Olive fruit and oil, dates, pomegranates are some examples of the paleo diet. These are the fruits which have been specially mentioned in all the religions books like Christianity, Islam, and Jews.If we talk about paleo recipes, Doesn’t matter what is the recipe. The basic thing you should know that. Don’t use artificial things, which we see in funny paleo recipes on social media.Paleo recipes don’t include artificial flavors, souses etc. there are some important points, you should always keep in mind regarding paleo recipes.

  • Always use whole grain products, wheat, corn etc.
  • Use grass-fed meat. In our latest dairy and poultry farming, artificial feed or organic feed is used for animals. While some dairy and poultry farms provide grass-fed meat.
  • Avoid all forms of alcohol products, according to some people we can use vodka and gin or Non- colored spirits. But the thing is, if we talk about cavemen diet, there is no question of these things.
  • Use natural sweeteners, raw honey, all natural sweets from dates and maple syrup.
  • Don’t use refined grains and sugars.

Exercise and workoutWeight Loss Exercises And Workouts

We know very well the impact of exercises on brain, heart, and mussels. As we start exercising, we notice tidal volume(deep breathing) and increasing body temperature. because of increasing body temperature, our metabolism system stimulates its function. The important thing to note that, during physical activity and workouts, through blood vessels and arteries, circulation of blood and oxygen increase. As a result, our system burns more calories as compare to a normal condition. The general type of exercises like walking, jogging and warm-up exercises effects on all parts of the body. It will make your entire body slim and smart. this is a healthier way to burn fat easily. You can do these simple exercise 4 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes. For better results, you can increase your time duration for this exercise. In addition to there are also some more exercise and workouts, you can use to reduce your body fat.

full body exercise

Full Body Weight Loss Exercises

Aerobic exercise means to improve the supply and utilization of oxygen in our body. which is also known as cardio exercises. Aerobic exercise is actually to sustain your breath for few minutes to improve oxygen in muscles, heart, and lungs. We have already discussed above the importance of oxygen for burning fat. You can get the benefits of aerobic through jogging walking or swimming. According to fitness experts, the actual time for breathing exercises is early in the morning. Sit in relaxing mode and take a breath deeply in the fresh air. Apart from that, you can use yoga or any simple light and easy exercise to improve circulation of oxygen in your body. With the aerobic exercises, you can burn 350 to 400 calories per hour.



Running is a natural and simple way to reduce weight. Walk for 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes in 5 times a week has amazing effects on our body. running protect our body from heart diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure as well as weight loss. running and jogging are most important part of physicians weight loss programs.



There is no other quick way to reduce the weight than swimming. In one hour swimming, you can burn around 650 to 700 calories. the Interesting thing is, in swimming all the body parts taking part actively.  Specially lungs and hearts have to work hard to supply the oxygen to the parts of the body. It has an amazing result for cardiovascular point of view. Especially you can remove the belly fat during 2 to 3 weeks at a noticeable level.

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